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Our in-class workshops are ideal for children from Kindergarten through to grade 6. Each workshop is accompanied by a Teacher Resource Package to help educators maximize the learning experience before and after each Mad Science workshop.

Here are just a few of our fun and interactive workshops that focus on science and engineering practice:

Fundamental Forces

Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
Introduces students to the basic concepts of forces. Allows children to encounter their own force of gravity And to see what happens to objects when different forces are applied; this helps to illustrate things like gravity, racetrack, centrifugal, and centripetal force. Children also get a chance to experiment with gyroscopes and loops.

Current Events

Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
Students problem-solve to create simple circuits that will light a bulb. Hands-on activities also allow them to explore more complex series of circuits. They experience a nerve-tester, Mad Science electricity labs, and our amazing Tooth Tunes device. They also observe how electricity flows through wires and water.


Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
This workshop introduces students to the fundamental concepts of electricity: circuits, conductors, insulators, and how electricity is converted for everyday uses. Students get to create different circuits, interact with plasma balls, discover “sticky” static electricity and make their own static energy chambers to take home.


Teaches: Living Systems
Students learn about the interconnections that exist between all living things in an ecosystem, including humans. The nature cycles, food chains and energy webs (producers, consumers and decomposers) within different environments are explored before we make mini-ecosystems that students can observe in class for a month.


Teaches: Life Processes
This workshop provides an introduction to the chemical processes in a plant, plant respiration, and the role of plants in food webs. Students get a chance to examine the role of light in the process, test for starch, and then create a mini greenhouse to observe in class or take home.

All About Animals

Teaches: Living Systems
How do animals feed themselves and their young? Which animals hibernate and which ones migrate, and why? How do animals use camouflage and behavior to protect themselves from predators? Students gain a better understanding of the adaptations and characteristics of animals which live in different habitats and environments and then make an animal print to take home.

Additional Workshop Topics include:

All About Animals - Explore the animal kingdom learning about anatomy, habitats, & life cycles.

Be Tobacco Free – Introduces the dangers of using tobacco products.

Black & Blue Oceans - Investigate an oil spill & focus on the impact of water pollution.

Bugs - Learn how the crawly critters that are everywhere survive in a world of giants.

Che-Mystery - Explore the exciting world of physical & chemical change.

Decomposers - Investigate decomposition & its role in the food chain & our environment.

Detective Science - Discover how science is used to solve real crimes.

Dinosaurs - Join a dinosaur excavation & learn about paleontology.

Earthworks - Investigate the processes that shape the planet & form rocks, minerals, & glittering gems!

Energy Burst - Explore the energy of motion & see how potential energy is turned into kinetic energy.

Electricity - Excite some electrons & create some serious circuits.

Fun-damental Forces – Gravity, inertia .centripetal force…a fun introduction into physics.

Great Gravity - Explore the force of gravity, the center of gravity & even defy gravity.

Harnessing Heat - Discover the concepts of heat & temperature!

Invention-ation – Learn how inventors work & about some famous inventions.

Kitchen Chemistry - Search for starches, sugars & fats in foods.

Life in the Seas - Discover ocean habitats & explore the creatures that inhabit our oceans.

Lights…Color…Action! - Become enlightened & uncover the hidden components in ordinary light.

Mad Science Machines - Find out how simple machines make our lives easier.

Matter of Fact – Investigate the building blocks of everything & learn the three states of matter

Mineral Mania - Peek beneath Earth's crust & learn about all rocks & minerals.

Mischievous Magnets - Explore magnetic fields & the properties of magnets.

Mission: Nutrition – Focus on nutrition, fitness, & the components of a healthy diet & lifestyle .

Movie Effects - Explore the concept of persistence of vision & discover why science is the real star on the big screen!

Moving Motion - See how friction, gravity, & inertia make everything from racecars to kick balls move.

Optical Illusions - Learn about optics, reflection, & sight.

Playing with Polymers - Explore the properties of polymers & make a batch of slime.

Science of Art - Mix & separate colors, uncover art forgeries,& investigate friction.

Science of Magic - Delve into the science behind the magician’s secrets in this class.

Seeking our Senses - Sniff out the science of your 5 senses.

Sonic Sounds - An introduction to the concepts of sound transmission & creation.

Stunt Planes & Gliders - Fly through the basics of flight & aerodynamics.

Super Structures - An introduction to the basics of architecture & engineering.

Tantalizing Taste - Explore the savory sense in this lip smacking investigation.

Under Pressure - .Look at the science behind aerodynamics & the properties of air... under pressure!

Wacky Waves - Discover the many facets of the fascinating substance - water.

Walloping Weather - Become meteorologists in training.

Watt’s Up - Observe the basic properties of static electricity & learn how lightning is formed.

Where's the Air - Learn about the air all around us & discover its amazing strength.

Details - All workshops are one hour long. Classes are filled with hands on experiments and include a cool take-home item. Multiple session discounts available. Each class can accommodate up to 30 children & most are adaptable for students in K5-5th grade.

                                             Call our office at 414-858-9990 for more info or to reserve your date!





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