Elementary Age Workshops


All About Animals

Explore the animal kingdom learning about anatomy, habitats, & life cycles.


Be Tobacco Free

Be Tobacco Free is designed to educate on the direct & indirect effects of tobacco use on the body.


Black and Blue Oceans

Students devise and test techniques to handle the aftermath of an oil spill, in an oil spill simulation, and discuss how to clean up and prevent the pollution that plagues our oceans.



Learn how the crawly critters that are everywhere survive in a world of giants



Explore the exciting world of physical & chemical change.


Current Events

Students problem-solve to create simple circuits that will light a bulb. Hands-on activities also allow them to explore more complex series of circuits. They experience a nerve-tester, Mad Science electricity labs, and our amazing Tooth Tunes device. They also observe how electricity flows through wires and water.



Take some worms, add some food scraps, and what do you get; fertilized soil and a whole lot of fun! This workshop breaks down the science of decomposition and reveals the work of worms and other decomposers.


Detective Science

Discover how science is used to solve real crimes.



Kids examine fossil casts and explore the differences in the teeth of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Students participate in a mini dinosaur excavation and make a cast of a dinosaur tooth to take home.



Investigate the processes that shape the planet & form rocks, minerals, & glittering gems!



Students excite electrons as they construct some serious circuits during this program all about electricity. They test various materials for conductivity with space-age plasma balls. Finally, they create and play a buzz-making electric game.


Fundamental Forces

Introduces students to the basic concepts of forces. Allows children to encounter their own force of gravity And to see what happens to objects when different forces are applied; this helps to illustrate things like gravity, racetrack, centrifugal, and centripetal force. Children also get a chance to experiment with gyroscopes and loops.


Harnessing Heat

Discover the concepts of heat & temperature!



Who gave us Morse code? How about earmuffs or the light bulb? Children are guided from observation through experimentation on their journey to becoming a great inventor.


Kitchen Chemistry

Search for starches, sugars & fats in foods.


Life in the Seas

Discover ocean habitats & explore the creatures that inhabit our oceans.



Become enlightened & uncover the hidden components in ordinary light.


Mad Machines

Find out how simple machines make our lives easier.


Mission: Nutrition

Focus on nutrition, fitness, & the components of a healthy diet & lifestyle.


Mineral Mania

Students recreate the process of rock formation and devise ways to identify and classify rocks and minerals. They experience the thrill of panning for gems; the gems they find, they can take home for further study and investigation.


Mischievous Magnets

What makes some metal magnetic? What shapes do magnetic fields invisibly form around different-shaped magnets? Can compasses really help you find your way? Kids discover the answers to these questions and many more.



In this 10-part workshop series, students develop computational thinking and problem-solving skills in an online game environment. They use programming concepts to help a robot get to the next level in the most efficient way; acquiring programming skills for life!


Movie Effects

Explore the concept of persistence of vision & discover why science is the real star on the big screen!


Moving Motion

See how friction, gravity, & inertia make everything from racecars to kick balls move.


Optical Illusions

Learn about optics, reflection, & sight.


Playing with Polymers

Students discover the chemical and physical properties of plastics. They explore the plethora of physics principles that play a role in our daily lives.


Under Pressure

Look at the science behind aerodynamics & the properties of air... under pressure!


Science of Art

Mix & separate colors, uncover art forgeries,& investigate friction.


Science of Magic

Delve into the science behind the magician’s secrets in this class.


Seeking our Senses

Kids explore all five senses. They test their vision with optical illusions, experiment with their hearing, and try their hand at reading braille.


Sonic Sounds

An introduction to the concepts of sound transmission & creation.


Slippery Science

This class demystifies one of the most beneficial molecules known to humankind…polymers!


Stunt Planes and Gliders

Fly through the basics of flight & aerodynamics.


Super Structures

An introduction to the basics of architecture & engineering.


Tantalizing Taste

Kids put on their lab coats and stick out their tongues, as they discover the delicious biology behind their taste buds.


Under Pressure

Look at the science behind aerodynamics & the properties of air... under pressure!


Wacky Waves

Discover the many facets of the fascinating substance - water.


Walloping Weather

Become meteorologists in training.


Watt's Up

Observe the basic properties of static electricity & learn how lightning is formed.


Where's the Air?

Learn about the air all around us & discover its amazing strength.



This workshop provides an introduction to the chemical processes in a plant, plant respiration, and the role of plants in food webs. Students get a chance to examine the role of light in the process, test for starch, and then create a mini greenhouse to observe in class or take home.


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